Seal Team


Like all the residents of Seal Island, Quinn spends his days relaxing in the sun, splashing in the beautiful waters off the coast of Cape Town, and swimming for his life from Great White Sharks.

He is sick of risking his tail every day to maybe catch a fish but the alternative food source, barnacles, tastes like sand and disappointment. So, Quinn and his best friend Benji head out to a sunken cargo ship to find some food.

They are ambushed by a massive shark, Grimes, and his entourage of drone-like Remora fish. The sneering predator greets them politely and gets down to doing what sharks do best.

Quinn only just escapes. Most seals on the island would just accept their place in the food chain and aim to avoid sunken cargo ships shaped like sharks in the future. But Quinn decides to do the unthinkable, the incompressible, and the completely idiotic – he decides to fight back!

One seal is completely useless against sharks, of course, especially in a movie with ‘team’ in the name. So Quinn recruits seals brave, stupid and crazy enough to help him achieve his mission.

There’s Beth, the ocean’s speediest chubster, whose special skills include licking rocks and staring directly at the sun. Geraldo, a bravado-filled seal of action who once escaped from an aquarium using only his wits and perfectly symmetrical features. Switch, the eccentric inventor, armed with cute little weaponized ocean critters and endless enthusiasm. And Jing, an elegant aquarium performing seal with serious anger issues.

Even with training from the grouchy old Claggart – a Master of Military acronyms and former member of an elite navy program: Hydro Marine Mammal Force (H.M.M.F.) – their most likely destination is the jaws of defeat – and these jaws have over 300 razor-sharp teeth…

Quinn’s reckless ‘act first, cause a few explosions, have a snack, then think’ nature does not make things any easier but, through a combination of guts, perseverance and obligatory training-montages, these blubbery bad-asses start making a difference.

Soon, news of their exploits makes it to Grimes, and he is not happy. Food should know its place. He sends out his remoras to summon sharks from every corner of the ocean. He’s going to make an example of these swimming lunch packs.

With the fate of the island at stake, the seal team gears up and heads out to tail-slap the food chain in the face. They’re going to prove that no mission is too difficult if you’re armed with teamwork, friendship and a leopard print speed boat…





Greig Cameron
Jessie T. Usher, J.K. Simmons, Kristen Schaal, Patrick Warburton
Country of Origin
Jihoafrická republika
Year of Production
Original Title
Seal Team
World Premiere
28. October 2021
Domestic Premiere
28. October 2021